Cockblocked Grindr : Only way to see Blocked Users on Grindr?

Like Grindr Xtra Cracked, Grindr users developed a new app called ” Cockblocked Grindr” on March 2018. Cockedblocked Grindr’s purpose is to see who had blocked you on gay dating app : Grindr.

Some people may be good for one night but not the others. Some Grindr Users block their one night mate after enjoying . It is very understandable that they don’t want to be massed their daily lives with temporary friends.

Now Cockblocke Grindr is becoming only way to see who block you on grindr . It is useful if you are Grindr users who have a lot of mates.

It is simple to use as all you need to do is login in your Grindr Account Email Address to synchronize it. You will see the result in no time.

You can download it here : Cockblocked Grindr

Grindr Xtra Hack Download ( Both Android and IOS )

Grindr Xtra Hack Premium (Cracked App)

Grindr Xtra has many advantages than free version. But it is a bit costly for some undeveloped countries like in Asia. Grind Xtra has variety of choices than those of free version.  There are very few app developers for gay apps. So, we developed it. You can download Grindr Xtra Mod on our site. If you want to know different between Grindr Free Version and Grindr Xtra (Hacked Mod Version), you can see check it on this blog. Some people search Grindr Discount Coupon but most people search cracked version of Grindr instead of it.

What is Grindr ?

Grind is a social networking app and especially developed for Gay and MSM. Grindr Company had launched it on 2009. You can download it on both Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for IOS devices. Grindr won the ” Best Mobile Dating App” on 2011 at iDate. It stands as one of the best and old gay social dating apps in history. Grindr Company give their service for free but you can upgrade it to Premium ( Grindr Xtra).

Advantages of Grindr ?

You can access Grindr online very easily. All you need is just a simple email address. You can access it with ease. It provide location of other Grindr Users with estimated miles. You can set up your profile easily as you can show your tribe, role, age, height, ethics etc. You can also hide your identity so that you can use it secure. There are also other advantages of Grindr. You can check out them there.

Grindr Xtra Premium   ( Andriod Hacked Apk )

You don’t need to jailbreak, browse it from file manger and install it.
You can download Grindr Xtra Android Cracked Version below.

Download : Grindr Xtra Hack Apk

(NOTE : Don’t update it if the new version of Grindr is released). If you update this Grindr Mod apk, you will revert it into free version. So if Grindr release new version, come here and download again. We will update our app as soon as possible.

Grindr Xtra Premium    ( IOS : Iphone and Ipad version)

You also don’t need to jail break your Iphone or Ipad. We developed it by cracking trial Version. So, you can use it until Grindr Company release new update. You can download it below.

Download:  Grindr Xtra Hack IOS version ( Both iPhone and iPad)

(NOTE : Don’t update it if the new version of Grindr is released). You also cannot upgrade Grindr Xtra Hack version app. If you see any update there, come and download again. We will update our posts.


Q: What do we need to use this Grindr Hacked app. ?
A: You need nothing to use this app.

Q: Is this Grindr Hacked app can last forever?
A: NO, you cannot use this app forever. You can only use this app before they release upgrade version.

Q: How to use this Grindr Hacked app after upgraded version is released?
A: You have to come here or wait until we crack new version again to download.

Q: Do you give Grindr Xtra Promotion Discount Card?
A: NO, we do not give discount card but cracked grindr xtra mod.